Library Centennial 1917 to 2017


Join us to help plan our Library Centennial on September 12 at 7 pm. People and ideas welcome!           LibraryLogo.11.20              Library with railing

The Trustees and Friends of the Library welcome you to our Centennial Year!

The library has always held a special place in the hearts of our townspeople. Shortly after the town incorporated in 1852 a benefactor donated books and funds to start a subscription library in the original Town Hall. Then in the early 1900s Professor Elihu Thomson donated land and the Town built the library that we know today. The new building opened its doors on January 20 1917. It became a free public library that was open to all and it has remained a vibrant part of the community ever since.


Celebration Events:

Time Capsule Assembly, December 2

Items were gathered to put in our Time Capsule which is to be opened in the year 2117.  Some of the items to be included are:  Photos of Swampscott in 2017; items to show current prices such as a grocery store receipt, utility bill, and mail order catalogs; a current newspaper and copy of the 01907 magazine; current technology such as a flash drive, CD, DVD, and cell phone; a page of emojis, a pair of glasses, two lego minifigures, current dollar bill and coins, a best seller list for books and music, and pictures of the current library staff members.

Thanks to everyone who donated items and gave great suggestions!


Lynn Beach Painters Program With Author D. Roger Howlett, October 14

Author D. Roger Howlett discussed his book The Lynn Beach Painters:  Art along the North Shore 1880 – 1920




Hundredth Anniversary Birthday Party, September 23, 2017

Middlesex Concert Band plays favorites, Matt Heaton sings ‘ToddlerBilly’ music, Tony Toledo tells an engrossing story, the Game Truck entertains kids, Treadwell’s serves up ice cream sundaes, Birthday cake for everyone!.



Olmsted Program and Tea, June 10, 2017




Library Secret Gardeners Plant Sale, May 20th

















Anita Shreve April 19, 2017

Our night with Anita Shreve was a greatly enjoyed by all who came.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success!


Book Trivia Night March 31, 2017

The Book Trivia Night was a great success.  Seven teams competed for the coveted Winners Cup.    Congratulations to Team Dinner Detectives and Team Overdues who tied for the winning spot!




Kickoff Program January 21, 2017

Our Kickoff program “Swampscott Public Library: Past, Present, and Future” was held January 21 at 3 pm.  Our speakers included Sylvia Belkin, Vice-Chair of the Swampscott Historical Commission, Lauren Baker, First Lady of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Mary Ann Cluggish, Chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.  Thank you to everyone who made this kick off event a success!

Kickoff Program Recording

This Kickoff program was recorded and can be viewed here.  Thank you to those who made this video possible:  Michele Karas, Town Director of Information and Technology and Joe Douillette’s TV Production class at Swampscott High School.  They did a excellent job creating this video production.

Library Trustees Herrick Wales, John Karwowski, and Sarah Pruett.
Speakers: Sylvia Belkin, Mary Ann Cluggish, and Lauren Baker.
Library patron Vera Joffe shares kind words about the Library.


Historic Photos

The library is currently displaying reproductions of 35 historic Swampscott photographs.  Come take a browse around our building to see photos of the library, our Police and Fire Departments, townspeople and more.  Photos have been scattered around the building so keep looking!

fireman-working-on-toys-3           librarian-susan-duval-nellis-1950s         historic5

The historic photos are now here on the web:

Police and Fire

Buildings and People