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Dinner Detectives

detective-156647_1280The Dinner Detectives is the library’s mystery book group. We discuss mysteries related to a different topic each month. You bring your chosen book and we provide snacks and discussion! The group meets on the first Tuesday of the month @ 5 pm. The Dinner Detectives have a new time: 5 pm.

We will meet on Tuesday, February 6 at 5pm: Our topic will be:  “Health Care Mysteries”


Themed Reads

“Themed Reads” will be a year-long book group in which you will read a book of your choice that corresponds to each month’s assigned theme. Monthly themes this year include books that are also movies, books about mental health, books about bookstores or libraries, and more!  Come down to the library for the complete list!

Monday, February 12 at 4pm. The theme this month is: Romance


Afternoon Tea and Books

Interested in a daytime book club at the library? Our afternoon book club meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 1:00 pm. New members welcome! E-mail the library @ with any questions.

Tuesday, February 20th at 1 pm:   “Project Hail Mary” by Andy Weir.

Afternoon Tea & Books 2022/2023 (what we’ve read)

Cookbook Club

Meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 pm.

Tuesday, February 13 at 6 pm. The theme is: Favorite Chicken Recipes.


Popular Titles Book Group 

The Popular Titles Book Group generally meets on the last Tuesday evening of the month @ 7 pm.

Date:   No February Meeting.  Next meeting is March 19th       Title : “The Flight Portfolio” by Julie Orringer.


Popular Titles 2022/2023 (what we’ve read)