Wicked Hot Mystic: Social resilience in the realm of climate change within the Mystic River watershed

Join us to learn more about the intersections of climate change, heat, and health in the Greater Boston Area with Melanie Gárate from the Mystic River Watershed Association. The Mystic River watershed faces disproportionate impacts from climate change. Climate vulnerabilities are largely separated by the exposure, sensitivity and the ability to bounce back from an extreme weather event. How did we get there? What are the root causes? And how can we move forward in a just and equitable way? This talk is cosponsored by the Swampscott Conservancy, the Town of Swampscott Conservation Commission, and the Swampscott Library.

Melanie Gárate is the Climate Resiliency Project Manager for the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA). She started her career as a marine scientist examining how people impact climate change. At MyRWA, Melanie works with municipal CEOs, grassroots organizations, public health officials, and local residents in the Boston area to understand who the most vulnerable populations are during and after extreme weather and ways the municipalities within the watershed can work collectively to enhance climate equity and resilience.


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