Language Learning Materials

In an effort to maintain our fading Latin knowledge, a friend and I began reading Hobbitus Ille – J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, translated by Mark Walker – over video chat, as it was the only book in Latin we both had. It may sound nerdy, but hear (or read?) me out – this can be a helpful and fun method of language study! Even with very basic proficiency, reading a semi-familiar book can provide enough context to help guess unfamiliar phrases and compare grammar structures.

If you’re interested in language study, or in non-English-language materials, we have electronic resources available now on Overdrive!

After English-language materials, Spanish-language ones are the largest category (although most of the children’s books were originally written in English). 

Some children’s Spanish-language audiobook highlights, listed roughly by reading level:

Some children’s Spanish-language ebooks (also listed roughly by reading level): 

Adult Language Materials

There are also one or two books each in several other languages. Within any genre, you can narrow it down by selecting the “Language” tab on the left. 

— Morgan Clayton