“Celebrating the Cycles: Earth, Air, & Sea”

Local children’s musician & storyteller Philip Alexander presents Celebrate the Cycles!
Explore the wonders of nature and the ways people around the world feel connected to it. Original and
multi-cultural stories, songs, & poems on themes of earth, air, and water.

Presented in three 1-hour
OUTDOOR concerts:
• “Wake Up, Earth!”— spring is here, time to plant, grow & renew
• “The Sky’s No Limit”— spread your wings and fly
• “Song of the Sea”— look beneath the surface of the water, so many creatures living there!-Tuesday, July 12th @6pm
Fully interactive! Joyful sing and dance along to a wealth of traditional songs & folk tales, accompanied by
guitar, ukulele, harmonica, flute and Djembe drum. Designed to foster creativity and literacy, and spark
interest in reading.