The “Real Thing” Nonfiction Book Club

Have you just read a nonfiction book that you would love to tell someone about. Do you spend most of your reading time on nonfiction but you can’t find a nonfiction book group to join? We have the answer to your needs. Join us on Thursday, May 20th at 6:30 pm and become a member of this new book group. You don’t have to make any commitment, pay any dues, or pledge your allegiance to it. Just come, via Zoom,  to see if this is the book group for you.

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Conversations about Race/Racism (with a dash of book club mixed in)

Join Janina Majeran for Conversations about Race/Racism on Monday, May 24th at 7 pm. In this meeting we will discuss James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time. You may want to join us if: you’re not sure about white privilege and what it means for you. You want to learn more about what implicit bias is and if you have any (spoiler alert: we all do).  You want to learn what it means to be an antiracist. Note: This is NOT just for white people.  Our discussions may include YouTube videos, podcasts, books, articles, and current events.  In order to dismantle racism we have to start with ourselves. A judgment-free zone.

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Local Author Jack Beermann to Speak



Join us on Thursday, May 27th at 7pm via Zoom to  hear Jack M. Beermann, author of The Journey to Separate but Equal: Madame Decuir’s Quest for Racial Justice in the Reconstruction Era. He will tell the story of Hall v. Decuir, which was a post-Civil War Supreme Court case. The book centers around the remarkable story of Madame Josephine Decuir and the lawsuit she pursued because she had been illegally barred from the cabin reserved for White women on the GovernorAllen Riverboat.

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Children’s Books About Race, Racism and Anti-racism

Not my idea : a book about whiteness
We rise, we resist, we raise our voices
Antiracist Baby
What lane?
You matter
I am every good thing
I promise
All because you matter
I remember : poems and pictures of heritage
Lizzie demands a seat! : Elizabeth Jennings fights for streetcar rights
Black heroes: 51 inspiring people from ancient Africa to modern-day U.S.A.: a black history book for kids
Woke baby
If Dominican were a color
Black Lives Matter
A good kind of trouble