Ocean Science Book Backpack

What this backpack contains:

  • Net
  • Collection containers
  • Guide to local sea creatures
  • Quadrat*
  • Magnifying glasses
  • 3 ocean science related books
  • Journal

*a quadrat is a frame, traditionally square, used in ecology, geography, and biology to isolate a standard unit of area for the study of the distribution of an item over a large area.

Find more titles related to ocean science here:

How did this project start?

This project was started as a gold award project by girl scout Verena Runstadler. The gold award is the highest award a girl scout can earn, and it aims to give back to the community sustainably.

This project aims to inspire children of all ages, in particular, 2nd through 5th graders, to get excited about reading through interactive activities.

Each backpack contains multiple activities and guides to direct kids through the process. Corresponding with the theme of the backpack are books that travel with the backpacks, and were selected to connect with the bag’s activities. Also located in the backpack are journals where users can make notes of their thoughts and what they choose to do.

For more information, see the descriptions of the backpack on the Swampscott Public Library website.

Email verena.gsema@gmail.com with any questions.

How do I check out a backpack?

Checking out a book backpack:

It’s simple! The book backpacks can be found at the children’s desk, on the lower floor of the library. Ask one of the children’s librarians to check out a backpack, and they can scan out the bag, just like a book!

If you have any questions about the contents, or about how to use the bag, check out the descriptions on the swampscott library website or ask a librarian.

Remember, the backpacks must be returned within 2 weeks of checking them out, so watch your calendar!