Books with Babies

Book with Babies- A Lap Sit Program

A lapsit program is a perfect way to bond, entertain, and start language learning with your baby!

  • This story time is limited to 5 babies. It is a lapsit program for pre-walkers.
  • A typical lapsit program is usually 20 minutes long or so, with playtime at the end.
  • Please don’t expect your baby to sit quietly in your lap at all times–we all understand that their worlds are about movement.  If you see them coming into this special circle, where I have all of my supplies, please redirect them.
  • That being said, if your child is having a hard time that day, it is fine to leave and come back in later or try again another day
  • This is a great time to engage with the baby(ies) you came with, please turn off your cell phones and enjoy playing with them during storytime
  • UPDATE: This program will take place outdoors. There is now no need to register. If the weather is not agreeable, we will reschedule the program