1000 Books Before Kindergarten


We are offering a special program for young children called

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten.

1.      This program is designed for families with children from birth through age 5.

2.      Sign up online using this Google Form.

3.      Record each book read. Repetition is good, so you may record a favorite book more than once.

4.      Pick out books you enjoy and have fun reading together (use expression!). Find a time when you and your child are in a good mood to read. Reading together should never be a chore.

5.      Each time you read 100 books, you will receive a sticker to add to your folder. Presently all books will be recorded using Google Forms. Each time you complete 100 books, a new form will be emailed to you.

  • two stickers – one for your book and one for the library wall
  • your next set of pages for your reading journal
  •  Visit the library often and discover the wonderful variety of books to check out and read together.

6.      You may read books from anywhere:  the library, from home, preschool, etc.  You may also count books read at Storytime programs at the library or school.

7.      Don’t be daunted! Just 3 books a day amounts to 1000 books in 1 year, and this program is designed to give you time over a few years to meet your goal.

Once you have read 1000 books, you are finished with the program.  Please continue to read together, and feel free to add your own pages to the journal if you wish.