Welcome to our SwampscottTeenTalk Blog

Hi, I’m Sandy Moltz, Young Adult Librarian. Contact me any time if you want to contribute to these pages.

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  1. laurie meagher says:

    Hi Sandra. I hope this message finds you well. I keep forgetting to ask you when I am working in the library so i thought writing would be a good idea. We, the Swampscott Farmer’s Market committee, are looking desperately for someone (or a group) who plays music to volunteer his/her time to play or sing for opening day at the MArket on June 10. SInce you organize big band day every year, we thought you would be a great resource. ANy ideas? or names you can give me??? We would so appreciate it. It is such a wonderful community event and so good for our health too!!!

    Please let me know, thanks so much. Laurie

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