Swampscott Library’s Reading Challenge 2018

The Swampscott Library has issued a call to read!  We have chosen 10 different monthly reading challenges.  Readers may choose any book or novel that fits the challenge’s theme plus the library will offer book suggestions and have books available for you to check out.  The more books the better!

Not only does this program issue a challenge to read different books each month but also includes rewards!  Each month there will be a Readers Get Together to discuss the books that were read.  At each meeting light refreshments well be served and there will be a free raffle!  It is not necessary to attend the meetings to participate.  In November at the end of the challenge, there will be a Readers Celebration to celebrate the joy of reading.

When you register for the program you will receive a reading log, bookmarks, and a list of the monthly reading challenges for the year.  You will also receive an email monthly announcing the reading challenge of the month, a list of book suggestions and the date of our next meeting.

To register, stop by the Main Desk of the library.   Happy Reading!

The May meeting will be Tuesday, May 1 at 2 pm. 

Monthly challenge topics for 2018:

January – America:  Experience it through historical fiction July – Hold on tight:  Spine tingling thrillers
February – From the Savannas to Apartheid:  Books set in Africa August – Dystopia:  1984 and beyond
March – Slainte!  Contemporary Irish Writers September – The Classics:  Novels you may have missed
April – Intriguing Young Adult books:  For all Ages! October – Grab your cloak and deerstalker:  English Mysteries
May – Gossip or inspiration:  Memoirs or Biographies November – True Crime:  That really happen??
June – Quintessentially Quirky:  Fun and inspiring books