13th Annual Lee Golomb Cadiff Teen Poetry Contest Winners

The prizes each student won will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 27th @ 6:30 pm. Congratulations to our winners!

Middle School, Grades 5-6

Sydney Deroche: “The Personality and Image”

Alisa Kushkova: “The Comforting Soul”

Jesse Ford: “Planets”

Grace Reiter: “Snow”

Middle School, Grades 7-8

Haley Sampson: “Sailing”

Elizabeth Green: “A Hard Life”

Mark Zolott: “The Sunfish”

Jake Sweeney: “Going for the Win”

Chloe Silverman: “What If”

Mary Viner: “The Most Important Meal of the Day”

Ana Lucia Lambiase: “My Dad”

Harper Clopton: “Paper Souls”

Aurora Corrado: “Don’t You Dare” and “A Place Like No Other”

Ryan Patrick Henry: “Trains Crossing Paths”

Veronica Hill: “A Song of Plants”

Alexander McDonough: “Endangered and Extinct”

Piper Hall: “A Simple Poem”

High School Winners

Megan Mentuck: “The World”

Olivia Reiser: “A Beautiful Mess”

Olivia Barton: “A Portrait of the Coffee-Drinkers”

Olivia Kiely: “Tyler”

Cenna Khatib: “Dear Sasha”

Lori Kholomyansky: “Homebound”

Jewel Soares: “To Spark a Flame”